A Body To Die For 2: The Man Trap

Studio:Studio 2000
Cast:Rick Chase,Kevin Cobain,Jon Eric,Brad King,Joey Hart,Wade Peters,Steve Harper,Sam West,Cory Roberts,Drew Andrews,Boy Mike,Critt Davis,Travis Houston
Director:Derek Kent

Can a sequel be as good as the original? You bet it can. Sometimes it can be even better. Take A Body to Die For 2 for instance: fabulous sex just the way you like it; a clever tongue-in-cheek (what a heavenly thought) story; superior production values with great locations and fabulous lighting; and six handsome hard bodied newcomers along with four of your favorites from part one - all mixed to perfection by Derek Kent for a warmhearted, suspenseful, rib tickling, cock rising, juice spurting good time from Studio 2000.