About Jeff Stryker

Jeff Stryker is the Ultimate Adult Superstar. Reigning the most famous adult Star for decades, Jeff Stryker is King of Porn. Members can view the Super star in the top Adult Porn Movies ever created starring Jeff Stryker, which are shown exclusively on this site.
Jeff Stryker is noted for the best Gay movie in all history POWERTOOL. Jeff is noted for the best hetero movie JAMIE LOVES JEFF. Jeff is noted for the best solo masturbation movie in all history JUST YOU AND ME. Jeff’s dildo THE JEFF STRYKER REALISTIC DILDO is the biggest selling dildo in all of history. Jeff Stryker was the 1st adult celebrity to have a 12 inch action figure created of himself, anatomically correct and still available today. Jeff has been on post cards, art in Museums, in fashion shows, on over 100 magazine covers and a list of achievement to vast to begin to go into. This is Jeff Stryker’s personal and official website, you have access to Jeff and all of his materials.

jeff stryker, adult film star

“Stryker defined an era and an industry as one of the first (if not the first) major gay porn stars. His enormous catalog of work throughout the 1980′s and 1990′s includes classics like PowertoolThe LookJust You And MeOn The Rocks, and more… his thoughts on the state of the gay porn industry: “Is anyone still making movies?”” – The Sword 2012

Other Work
He has posed for Calendars, Posters, magazine layouts and had personal appearance performances all over the world. He has also been in various Fashion magazines for Famous Clothing designers such as Thierry Muglar, Francis Nars and many others.  Jeff Stryker’s name and image were used to Promote Videos, playing cards, Poster, Calendars, Rubber goods and Novelties, 976 lines, 800 lines, info mercials, fashion shows, AIDS fund raisers around the world, Music CD’s, Billboards, Male Potency Vitamins, lubricant, greeting cards .
At one time or another I am sure you have seen him on the Cover of various magazines.  He has been a leading icon in the entertainment industry for over a decade.
Most well know for the appearances he does in the buff as well as the leading actor in best selling videos.  His personal appearances are known and performed worldwide and reportedly has the highest cost of any entertainer in his field.

A Fray into Acting
Stryker has ventured into the world of major motion pictures and acted on several occasions.  In 1999 there was Rosa Von Pronheim’s “May I be your Bratwurst Please” starring yours truly.  Jeff Stryker also used his birth name and co-starred in other movies, to test his acting abilities.  These Movies, “After Death” and “Dirty Love” were shot on the east coast and in Manila.  Another feature was “The Judge who loved Death”, with James Browlin and Deborah Shelton (star in the series “Dallas”).  This feature was in filmed in Mallorca and it is reported that Mr. Stryker dodged scenes where the public could see him and managed to remain unrecognized by all except the make up people (whom promised secrecy in return for pictures with the superstar and autographs).  He has also been known to have appeared on a few television shows, Rupaul (to receive a award) and the Robin Bird Show (in New York).

But never mind all that… you can view him right now on the internet!

The king of porno!

Its Current and here if you wish to see more of the superstar.

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