Barcelona Bound

Studio:Studio 2000
Cast:Rafael Carreras,Lucas Foz,Antonio Marquez,Andres Banderas,Mario Perez,Beto Campos,Vardeli Gardozo,Dino,Nicolas Quintero
Director:John Travis

Barcelona Bound presents an unusual assortment of all handsome, raven-haired, dark-eyed, uncut and horse hung men. Rafael Carreras, whom, you'll remember from Studio 2000's Meltdown - is joined by Lucas Foz, Berto Campos, and others. Lovers Rafael and Lucas are on vacation in Barcelona, and it seems that every picture they take has, in the background, guys that we soon see having sex. As they scout around the beautiful city Fox takes a picture of Carreras in which a priest Beto Campos and a construction worker Vardeli Gardozo are chatting behind him. The scene shifts to a corner of the church where Campos lifts his robe to reveal and extra thick tool pointing towards the heavens. When it comes time for Gardozo to get down to business he opens his mouth wide and services the priest?s thick uncut prick. Reversing expectations, the burly construction worker sits on the priest?s cock.