Recent German Television Show with Jeff Stryker Action Figure

Hai Jeff,
The german 2nd public broadcatser ZDF put the talkshow with Rosa von Praunheim on the net.
It s a lot of bla bla bla, it s the stations high intellect talkshow regarding culture in germany.
This evening they are talking about the filmfestival Berlinale in Berlin. The theme is pornography in film and on TV.
To see things go to:

(Instructions below)

One of the talkshowmembers is director Rosa von Praunheim who did also your film Can i be your Bratwurst please.
When you start the film scroll the timeshift to 35.00 minutes from now on

you can see clearly that he is holding on camera on public TV in germany (conservative) the action figure.

On a certain moment another guest next to him is asking "what is that for a figure"Von Praunheim answers:This is actionfigure made as a copy of the world most famous pornstar Jeff Stryker with whom i made a film in the past. . Now he strips the figure and shows your penis, and tells about your dick, how it s reproduced as a rubber dick and sold worldwide. Further he tells in german that you made a lot of straight and gay pornfilms and also acted in mainstream films.

To see things go to:

when you are on this site of the tv station, you see on the left a button ZDF MEDIATHEK, under this button there is a button NACHTSTUDIO and right of it START (now click on start ) and the film downloads. Now on the screen you see a button VOLLBILD this means big screen, so you can see the programm on the full of your screen.
When you see the timebar, you can scroll with your mouse to the right to 34/35 minutes and the show begins, in the time before the actionfigure can been seen but difficult.
greetings jan heller

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