Studio:Studio 2000
Cast:Tommy Brandt,Rafael Carreras,Tico Martin,Marco Paris,Dillon Press,Dante Foxx,Carlos Morales,Cameron Sage,Andrew Rubio,Kent Larson,Sergio Anthony,Nick Young,Felipe Carson
Director:John Travis

There?s trouble in the Barrio as hot Latino toughies and sexy white punk boys wage gang(bang) warfare in this muy caliente tour of interracial bridge-building by way of forced buggery. Strolling cracker-jack Nick Young is confronted by the Latino tag-team of Studio 2000 exclusive Tico Martin and Felipe Carson. The two hombres accost Young and rough him up a little. (I highly doubt the unintentionally comical sight of fake blood here will be too graphic for your libido to handle.) Nick is forced into a dark warehouse where he?s spit-roasted orally and anally by the smooth and chiseled hoodlums? large Latino cocks.