Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time

Studio:Stryker Productions
Cast:Jeff Stryker,Randy Savino,Jackson Price,Brad McGuire,Daniel Reed,Kurt Wagner,Dante Foxx,Sarabia
Director:Jeff Stryker

Review: "The horsecocked superstar returns with his first hardcore production in years in Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time. Guess what Stryker fans: the wait was certainly worth it. Nominated for three 2001 GAYVN Awards, Mr. Elephant Cock hits the screen again in a full-on hardcore production for the first time in a long time. And he does a great job, too. ...the scenes here totally rocked. Wait until you see the pounding Jackson Price takes from Jeff, not to mention Jeff dumping his junk on Kurt Wagner's welcoming face. ...Hard Time is all about Jeff lookin' mighty fine and at his snarling cocky best. Exactly the way y'all want him. are gonna be thrilled. And hey - the guy still looks great. This one's for both the fans and the casual porn watcher." -- Keeneye Reeves