The Hitchhiker

Studio:Studio 2000
Cast:Kristian Brooks,Doug Perry,Mike Lofton,Ricky Price,Peter Andersson,Peter Wilder,Jay Anthony,Mason Walker,Jon Davis,Jeff White
Director:Ross Cannon

Tasty, lickable young guys of The Hitchhiker just can't stay off each other, and if you were in their situation, would you keep your hands to yourself? Uh-huh... didn't think so. The superhot dude-next-door Brooks (on the cover) relates various sexual adventures via his computer to anyone who'll listen - most notably Doug Perry. Their subsequent fuck (which ends the flick) is a true highlight, and is sure to get your stick red and angry. Everything from glory holes, bathroom trickings, outdoor rompings, deep-throatings, and Peter Wilder taking a full load in the face are here. Standard plot, terrific sex (fans of heavy duty rimming are in for a veritable Thanksgiving dinner here). Ross Cannon's nice videography raises the bar here, too. All in all, The Hitchhiker is pretty good dirty stuff.