News Flash from Netherlands

(Quotes taken from email sent to Jeff by his friend "Jan H." who reported this from Netherlands )

Email 1.
For your information:
next friday januari 7th the dutch tv-station RTL4 will broadcast for the 2nd time the interview they had with you.
The program is one out of a series about very special and famous people. This show is about the 10 most famous people on earth with a special body. You and the interviewer are in the attachment. the programm is announced daily since yesterday on tv and will be broadcasted friday evening 21.30h, more info at:
T.V. Guide of Netherlands!,
I will tape the programm for you and send it to you

Jeff and Peter (not that Peter)

Interview by other World Famous Peter!

Email 2.

Hai Jeff,
Well you were on TV, in the top-10 you are on place nr 8 of people with an extraoridinary look. The programm was broadcasted today for the 2nd time, the first time was about march 2003, i didn t see it then, but the show tonight was very good, they showed you in your appartment in your car and office and together with your dog and ofcourse the hot item was shown also. I taped it and will sent it tommorrow by airmail to you on videotape.
Have a nice weekend

Email 3:
Just in the newscast,+++ one hour after the programma, the 10, was broadcasted a small evangelical political party
blames RTL/television because of showing nude man and his penis on TV at 21.30 pm
while kids could have been
watching. The christian party wants on monday to ask the the parliament how this could happen and wants the
gouvernment to undertake action against the tv/station because nudity-softporno is allowed only after 23.00 hours.


Very Cool
My "Dick" sure gets me a lot of attention
Jeff Stryker

(attached is picture of interviewer and myself showing the Jeff Stryker Action Figure during interview)

Email 4:
Hai Jeff 17,4% of dutch population have seen Jeff Stryker on TV yesterday. go to : 1 2 click on this site on the computercartoon LEFT with the text (de 3 laatste kijkcijfers) 4 click than on the textbutton RTL4 5 scroll down to: 21.37h de tien Now you see that 1.3 million people have seen the show on a population of 16 million which gives a marketshare for the station of 17,4% greetz jan heller

Email 5
Monday, the Hague netherlands,
dutch reformed political party asks secretary of state for mediaconcerns,
why commercial broadcaster RTL4 showed a man with erected penis on TV at 21.37-22.15, so before 23.00 h.
Accoding to broadcast/filmlaws this is prohibited. Secretary of state promisses to invest the whole matter and
will eventually 'punish'TV-station for bringing soft-porn to early in the evening.
Will be continued..... greetz jan /font>

Special thanks to Jan who is keeping us updated.

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