Studio:Studio 2000
Cast:Ivan Rohan,Josef Sladek,David Tatran,Dominik Xaversky,Kristof Kasper,Marek Tuhacek,Ralf Vernier,Robert Wild,Ladislav Pekar,Karel Novak
Director:John Travis

Hot on the heels of Studio 2000's mega successes with Euro-boys Ales Hanak and Pavel Novotny in Czech Point and Prague Rising, we have gone all the way to Eastern Europe to bring you Payload, the smashing new collaboration between John Travis and Czech auteur Jan Novak. Featuring some of the hottest, horniest, hardest, handsomest horndogs from the land of foreskin fun, this video introduces two new Studio 2000 exclusives, glowing and gorgeous Josef Sladek and bountiful brunet Ivan Rohan. As if this weren't enough, this dashing duo is supplemented by eight more Slovak studlets, Dominik Xaversky, David Tatran, Kristof Kaspar, Robert Tucny, Ladislav Pekar, Ralf Vernier, Karel Nosek, and Marek Tuhacek. In the realm of masculine beauty, nobody has anything on the boys of Eastern Europe, and nobody has ever mined this gold field with the fervor of Studio 2000.