Powerfull II

Studio:Stryker Productions
Cast:Jeff Stryker,Alex Stone,Joe Cade,Doug Niles,Jeff Dixon,Steve Kennedy,Dany Brown,Beau Beaumont,Peter Alexander,Neil Thomas,Giorgio Meselli,Rick Stryker
Director:Jeff Stryker

Review: "Mr. Stryker does something he had up until this point never done on video before: he sucks dick. Honest and truly. He does. (Whoa!) The lucky recipient? Well, beefy Alex Stone plays Jeff's lover and gets to shove his cock down his highness's throat before Jeff rolls him over, tears his tightie whities apart and shoves his own power tool into Mr. Stone... Other scenes include Jeff working over blond cream puff Beau Beaumont, and boy toy Dany Brown interviewing for a job with his legs over his head. There's a nice solo in a store room involving a huge vacuum pump, and some condomless sex, too. A must for Stryker fans, Powerfull II: The Return is almost certain to wet the appetite and the briefs of any homo (or size queen) with a pulse." -- Mr. Powerbar