Jeff Stryker Evolution

From the sole male Superstar in Adult Movies to a Superstar in Theater, Jeff Stryker makes his own way.

With the help of Emmy Award winner Bruce Vilanch, Jeff Stryker goes from Superstar to Theatrical Superstar. There will be no bit parts for this Living Legend. One hour of comedy followed by the show of all shows, the Stryker Dick Dance. Jeff wows audiences in Ptown and everyone leaves loving the show and loving Jeff Stryker. How can a man deliver for over 2 decades and still look the way Jeff Stryker does? When asked how he does it? Jeff claims to have found the fountian of youth and bathes in it regularly. Jeffs body and looks are better then ever states many of the patrons after seeing the Superstar live and on stage in his one man comedy show "A Sophisticated Evening with Jeff Stryker".

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