Netherlands release Jeff Stryker Stamp


Los Angeles, CA January 9th, 2004

The Netherlands have released an official postal stamp featuring internationally known adult film star Jeff Stryker. We would like to thank Jan Heller for sumbitting the Jeff Stryker image to the government of the Netherlands for their considerations to use as a world wide goverment approved postage stamp. Just another thrill that I have to thank "YOU" for making a reality!

I love ya,

Jeff Stryker

The internationally known adult film star Jeff Stryker

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Jeff's movie career started when attending real estate courses, of all places. Jeff and a buddy "tried out" for a modeling ad in the paper. Needless to say the pictures somehow wound up in the hands of film maker named "John Travis". Even though the pictures were intended for modeling clothes, Mr. Travis saw the potential (no pun intended) of this young man and arranged a telephone meeting. Mr. Stryker went from there to accomplish stardom in all catagories and then to act in Major motion pictures with stars such as Debora Shelton, James Browlin as well as starring in his own film for rosa Von Pranhiem titled "Can I be your Bratworse Please".

With a round trip ticket in his pocket and enough money (at all times) to return home, Jeff felt he could safely go to the Big City and see what was in store.With the plane ticket and money to get home, Jeff was assured "no uncomfortable situations" would befall him, he could always just go back home.
He Flew to Los Angeles to met Mr. Travis and the rest is History....It is year 2004 and Jeff Stryker is still the #1 leading Male in his type of Films. His name and image have appeared in every possible magazine, product, postcards, etc since. The replica of his body part has been touted the #1 selling novelity in the History of such articles. The range of his magazine exposure can not be compared by any Adult performer Male or Female in the History of X rated films, with the 1000's of "Magazine Covers", interviews, layouts, etc, ranging from 1986 to 2004
. He recently released the Jeff Stryker Action Figure, as well as his induction to the Hustler Porn Walk of Fame on January 15th, 2004.
In 1998 Mr. Stryker was the 1998 Cover Man for the "Adam Gay Film Guide" yearly issue. He is the Super Star that grows bigger and better looking every day. His body is that of a Greek God, his face that of a handsome young man with dark penetrating eyes and soft full lips.

The king is here, Jeff's arrived

Or try this one ON FOR SIZE if you desire

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